1. dash, dart, bolt, tear, tear along, bowl along, make time, cover ground, make strides or rapid strides; sprint, fly, flit, whiz, whisk; zoom, zip, career, rip, scour, scud, scorch, burn up the road, outstrip the wind, race like the wind, go or be off like a shot, Chiefly Brit. hare, Inf. clip, Inf. roar, Inf. barrel, Inf. pour it on, Inf. eat up the road; hasten, make haste, race, speed, accelerate, hustle, hurry, post, rush, scramble, move swiftly, move quickly, step lively, step quickly, double-time, Inf. hump or hump it; step on it, hop to it, snap to it, Sl. get cracking, Sl. get the lead out, get a hustle or move on, Sl. stir one's stumps; jog, trot, canter, lope; scamper, scurry, scoot, trip, skip.
2. flee, abscond, escape, take flight, take to flight, take wing, Sl. wing it, Inf. beat it, Inf. skip out, Inf. skedaddle, Sl. skidoodle, Sl. vamoose; run away, run off, elope, take to one's heels, make a quick exit, Inf. take off, Inf. clear out, Inf. make tracks, Inf. cut out, Inf. cut and run, Inf. fly the coop, Sl. split, Sl. scram, Sl. blow, Sl. hightail it, Sl. lam or take it on the lam; retreat, withdraw, decamp, take oneself off, take French leave, quit the scene, make a getaway, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, run for it, make a run for it, show the heels, show a clean or extra-light pair of heels, make a beeline for, Inf. take to the woods, Inf. head for the hills.
3. go, go by, go or pass over, go at, Scot. gang; proceed, move, advance, pass, pass on; progress, wend one's way, roll, roll on, continue; migrate, transmigrate, traverse, travel, trek; meander, wander, rove, gad, roam, drift, stray, veer.
4. turn, rotate; slide, slip, glide, pass through.
5. flow, stream, spill, spill into, empty, empty into; issue, issue forth, surge, gush, flood, jet, spurt, spout; leak, leak out, leak into, seep, trickle; overflow, flow over, spill over, well over, brim over, slop, slosh; cataract, cascade.
6. melt, fuse, mold, cast, deliquesce, liquesce, thaw, Obs. colliquate; melt down, flux, liquefy, liquate, liquidize, dissolve.
7. spread, spread over, creep, climb, trail, shift, drift; extend, range, reach, sweep, stretch, span, cover, straddle, take in, surround, environ, encompass.
8. operate, function, work, perform, act, Inf. tick, Inf. percolate; drive, propel, push, force, impel; actuate, turn, mobilize; direct, manage, conduct, maintain, handle, carry on or out or through; drive, steer, pilot, navigate; manipulate, maneuver, control, govern, command, order, prescribe, make the rules, lay down the laws, Inf. mastermind, Inf. pull the strings, Inf. call the shots; supervise, superintend, oversee, head, head up, stand over, Inf. boss.
9.(all of animals) herd, shepherd, tend, ride herd; drive, ride hard, ride into the ground.
10. unravel, come undone, come apart, come apart at the seams; snag, tear, rip.
11. amount, amount to, total, total up to, come to, come up to, add up to, mount up to, run to, run into, Inf. tote or tote up to, Inf. tot or tot up to; cost, sell for, bring, bring in, fetch, Inf. set one back.
12. incur, amass, accumulate, run up; get, gain, acquire, contract, invite, bring, bring on; fall into, slip into, slide into; increase, raise, advance, extend, enlarge, Inf. boost, Inf. hike or hike up, Inf. up, Inf. jack up.
13. drive, propel, force, thrust, lash, flog, push, shove, bulldoze, pile drive; impel, compel, press, prod, poke, goad.
14. convey, transport, ship, dispatch, smuggle, sneak, sneak in, bootleg, rustle, poach, shanghai.
15. run across come on or upon, come across, stumble upon or over, hit upon, chance upon, happen upon, find; encounter, meet, meet with, run into, cross the path of, Inf. meet up with, Inf. come or run up against, Inf. bump into, Inf. run smack into.
16. run after pursue, follow, chase, chase after, give chase, make after, prowl after, Archaic. prosecute; shadow, haunt, trail, tread on the heels of, dog, hound, Inf. tail.
17. run downa. overturn, strike and fell, overrun, run over, ride down, trample, trample on or upon, trample underfoot, ride roughshod over; collide with, crash into, bang into, slam into, ram, bump, strike, knock down, hit and run, bump and run.b. track, track down, hunt, hunt down, stalk, trace; capture, catch, apprehend, collar, secure, take prisoner; seize, net., bag, ensnare, entrap, snatch, tackle, pounce upon.c. inspect, examine, peruse, view, study, look at, observe, survey, scan, look over, pass over, pore over.d. stop, shut off, shut down, break down, close down, give out, die; tire, get tired, weary, grow weary, flag, droop, play out, run out, burn out, Inf. peter out, Sl. poop out; fail, sink, decline, weaken, languish, slip, fade, wane, go downhill, waste, waste away, wither, wither away, lose strength, fall off, fall away.e. badmouth, vilify, defame. See disparage(def. 3).f. discover, find, locate, determine; search out, trace, trace down, track down; hunt out, fish out, ferret out, spy out, smell or sniff out, nose out, follow the trail or scent of.
18. run out end, finish, cease, terminate, conclude, expire, close, come to a close, draw to a close, come to an end, wind up; go out, pass away, be no more, be all over, run its course, Inf. have it or have its time.
19. run out of exhaust, consume, expend, deplete, use up, eat up, finish, finish off.
20. run out on Informal. abandon, desert, forsake, Inf. leave high and dry, Inf. leave out in the cold, Inf. leave holding the bag, Inf. leave in the lurch.
21. run overa. run down, hit and knock down, knock down, ride over, override, overrun, trample, trample on or upon, trample underfoot, ride rougshod over; hit and run, bump and run.b. exceed, pass, surpass, transcend, go beyond; overreach, overgo, overpass, overlap, overshoot, overshoot the mark; overflow, flow over, spill, spill over, spill out, slosh, slop, well over, brim over.c. repeat, iterate, reiterate, recant, recapitulate, rehearse; reproduce, duplicate, echo, redo, do again, do over, say again, Sl. come again; review, rehash, summarize, sum up, go over or through, Inf. run it down.
22. dash, sprint, stride, clip, race, career, speed, scud, swoop; burst, burst of speed, spurt; rush, plunge, headlong rush or plunge; scoot, scamper, scurry, scuttle.
23. escape, Archaic. scape or 'scape, flight, departure; running away, bolt, decampment, desertion, abandonment, elopement, absquatulation, French leave, retreat, hasty retreat, Sl. disappearing act, Sl. skedaddle, Sl. skedaddling, Sl. scramming; getaway, jailbreak, prisonbreak, Inf. break, Inf. breakout.
24. pace, running pace; jog, trot, jogtrot, dogtrot; canter; lope, high lope; gallop, hand gallop, full gallop, dead run.
25. trip, quick trip, sojourn, visit, short stay; journey, peregrination, excursion, tour; jaunt, outing, junket; expedition, trek, stalk, hike; walk, stroll, ramble, saunter, promenade, sally, turn, perambulation, constitutional; drive, ride, Sunday drive, Inf. whirl, Inf. spin, Inf. joyride, Sl. tool; voyage, cruise, crossing, sail.
26. interval, period, length of time; time, term, duration, while, space; spell, season, round, stretch, fit, Inf. go.
27. amount, quantity, make, making, batch, lot, deal, extent, measure, Inf. heap, Inf. mess; part, portion; number, count, sum; total, whole, sum total, grand total.
28. stream, brook, streamlet, brooklet, creek, Dial. crick, U.S. Dial. kill, rivulet, rill, rindle, runnel or runlet or Dial. rundle, Brit. Dial. beck, Brit. Dial. gill, Scot, and North Eng. sike, Scot, and North Eng. burn; channel, branch, waterway, watercourse.
29. flow, flux, effluence, efflux, outpour; spate, surge, rush, onrush, outrush, gush, outgush, outburst; flood, inundation, deluge, torrent, river; jet, spout, spurt.
30. average, norm, mean, golden mean, medium, happy medium, balance, midpoint, middle, middle course, middle-of-the-road, Latin, via media; rule, generality, par, mainstream, main current, main course; trend, drift, tendency, general tendency, movement, direction, tenor, swing, sign of the times.
31. course, way, procedure, use, usage, order, observance; vogue, mode, fashion; bias, aim, set, leaning, turn, penchant; wont, habit, habitude, attitude; custom, practice, second nature, matter of course, standing procedure, common practice; routine, rut, groove, track, treadmill, rat race, Inf. grind, Inf. daily grind.
32. command, control, governance, power, rule, reign; freedom, liberty, license, Archaic. loose, free reign, free course, free hand, carte blanche; latitude, Inf. leeway, room, scope, free scope, long rope or tether.
33. deposit, mineral deposit, quarry, ore bed, dike; vein, lode, rich lode, mother lode; mine, gold mine, bonanza, cornucopia, well, fountain, fount.
34.(all of hosiery) rip, tear, rent, slash, Chiefly Brit. ladder; pull, snag; fray, frazzle.
35. motion, locomotion, passage, advance, progress, forward motion, onward movement; current, tide, drift, flow, flux.
36. continuance, continuation, maintenance, stay, staying power, endurance; permanence, permanency, constancy; persistence, perseverance; extension, prolongation, protraction; currency, popularity, continued popularity.
37. series, sequence, progression, succession, continuum, concatenation, nexus; string, unbroken string, row, set, chain, stream, steady stream.
38. path, pathway, trail, track, beaten path or track, way, runway, footway.
39. pipe, trough, runner, conduit; gutter, drain, eave or eaves trough, scupper, Brit. sough or esp. Scot. sugh; chute, shoot, flume, sluice, spillway.
40. herd, flock, drove, pack, bunch, colony; (all of birds) bevy, flight; (all of fish) school, shoal; (all of bees) swarm, swarming; (all of insects) cloud, plague.
41.Music. roulade, cadenza, bravura, fioritura, flourish, arpeggio, trill, Jazz or Rock. riff.
42. in the long run
finally, ultimately, in the end; eventually, in time, in due time; after all, all things considered, all things said and done, in the final analysis; generally, in general, on the whole, on the average, mainly, in the main, by and large, for the most part, all in all; virtually, chiefly, mostly.
43. on the run
Informal.a. hurriedly, in a hurry, hastily, in haste, with haste or all haste, with a rush, in a sweat; quickly, speedily, swiftly.b. on the move, on the go, on the fly, on the march, on the wing, on the road, in motion, Inf. on the hop or jump.c. bolting, escaping, running, hiding, fleeing, in flight, Sl. on the lam or lamming it, Sl. hightailing it.
44. melted, molten, fused; liquefied, liquescent, deliquescent, thawed

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